Tiger Woods: The time and place for the stinger


Tiger Woods has won golf tournaments all around the world, in all types of conditions, on all sorts of courses. But there’s one style of golf that he prefers more than any other.

“If Tiger could, he’d play most tournaments like he’s playing at St. Andrews all the time.”

That checks out—Woods has won two of his three British Open titles at the Old Course, where he has used his stinger tee shot to perfection. Woods details how he developed that shot—it’s not what you’re expecting—and when he employs it in detail in the episode.

“Sometimes that 2-iron shot will only carry a little over 200 yards in the air,” McNamara says, which explains why Woods doesn’t use the shot too often on softer American setups.

“But at a British Open it can run 290, 300 sometimes because it’s so firm and so fast. And Tiger loves to play the ball on the ground, use the slopes. It does bring in that creativity, that artistry.”

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